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User Options

CPU Limit

CPU Limit is a setting that will determine the maximum possible total CPU that can dedicated to the Mining processes.

We recommend a sensible Default that you set in your app, somewhere between 20-50%. In many cases, 50% CPU limit is optimal for performance and will not have any detrimental effect to the user's experience with their device.

[Mineful setCPULimit:[NSNumber numberWithInt:50]];

However, since we cannot determine what the User will be using their device for at any given time, we highly recommend exposing this as a Preference setting to your Users so that they may change and control the CPU Usage.


The number of Cores that you target can is directly related to the mining performance.
In most cases, a sensible Default option would be 50% of the available Cores.

This method will simply tell you how many Cores are available.

[Mineful getCores];

We also highly recommend that you provide the ability for a User to adjust this setting in your interface.

You can do this easily using getters and setters for User Cores Preferences, using our libraries.

// Setter

// Getter
// Setter
[Mineful setPreferenceCores:int];

// Getter
[Mineful preferenceCores];
// Setter

// Getter

Prevent Sleep Mode

In order to mine continuously, it is necessary for the device to prevent going to sleep due to lack of User interaction. This should be a setting that the User can control, as it uses a system level setting and we recommend that you do not turn it on by default.

[Mineful disableSleepMode:BOOL];

User Options

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