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Get Started    

Setup the SDK

1. Add to Project

In Solution Explorer, right-click the project node and click Add Reference. And add the coinstash_windows.dll to your project.

2. Integration Code

Import the headers into your code where you are going to use framework

using Coinstash_Windows;

Then you can initialise the miner... we'll discuss the various settings later.

Coinstash.startMining(int port,
    int coresCount,

Here's an example with values

Coinstash.startMining(3333, "user@example.com:1a2b3c456789", 4, "warning", "monero7", "<AUTHORIZATION KEY>", "none");

Worth pointing out at this point, this is how you stop the miner now you've started it.... VERY IMPORTANT to consider this within your product's lifecycle events to ensure that the miner doesn't keep running when the user doesn't want it to or if your app terminates or something...


Setup the SDK

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