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Get Started    

Getting Started

The first steps of integrating Mineful in your Product require a few things...

  1. Check out the Sample Projects for your preferred platform

  2. Windows - C# .NET - https://github.com/minefulhq/Coinstash-Framework-Example-Windows

  3. MacOS - Swift - https://github.com/minefulhq/Coinstash-Framework-Example-Mac/tree/master/frameworkTest_Swift

  4. MacOS - Objective-C - https://github.com/minefulhq/Coinstash-Framework-Example-Mac/tree/master/frameworkTest_Objc

  5. Windows - C++ MFC - https://github.com/minefulhq/Coinstash-Framework-Example-MFC

  6. Check out the Libraries that you will integrate into your own apps

  7. Windows DLL - https://github.com/minefulhq/Coinstash-Framework-Example-Windows/releases

  8. MacOS Framework - https://github.com/minefulhq/Coinstash-Framework-Example-Mac/releases

  9. Request Credentials from your Mineful Account Representative - support@mineful.com

You will require the following:

License Key - this is required to activate the Miner from the framework to be able to connect to a Pool and mine cryptocurrency. We will issue you a temporary License Key for testing the Mineful mining libraries and a Production key once your implementation has been reviewed and approved by the Mineful Review team.

Developer Application - should you wish to make use of any Mineful API endpoints, you will require a Developer Application. This will be setup by your Mineful Account Representative on request.

Application UID & Client Secret - Once your Developer Application has been created, you will be provided a UID and Client Secret. These are used within the Client Frameworks to connect to the Mineful API. You will require API access if you are using Mineful User Identities or querying data on behalf of an Authenticated User.

Getting Started

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